Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Can't believe I'm bloggin

So I am new to this blogging thing, just starting to read a few parenting and mama blogs that crack me up. I also like how you can keep people updated on your life, people that you don't often connect in EVERYONE! Since becoming a mother of two, rather quickly I might add, I am still struggling to find the balance between family-work-church-self-friends. There just isn't time! If only my friends could pay me to talk to them...I could quit working and have a social life again. Can we find a way to make that work?

Anyway, happy Thanksgiving to anyone who happens to read this on accident. Instead of the usual Thanksgiving Eve barhopping, I will spend tonight giving baths, eating taco salad, and hopefully, if everyone goes to sleep as they should, enjoying an episode of The Office and maybe even indulging in a Miller 64...a little beer in the breastmilk is good for the baby! And I won't miss the hangover tomorrow. Or the morning sickness, which was the case two years ago. The two conditions feel oddly similar. What a bummer.