Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm drying up

Such a funny thing how you have a kid and your modesty goes away. I now feel completely confortable talking about my cervix, my boobs, poop...almost anything, and have no regard for how this might make the person I am chatting with totally uncomfortable...espcially if they are a man, or have never had kids. I now see why people just breastfeed wherever they are when their kid gets hungry, as your boobs become like bottles in your mind, not a private part of your body. Case in point, here I am chatting on my blog about my boobs. They are drying up. I am not totally sure why this is happening...my son eats often, I religiously pump at work, I eat my oatmeal every day like a good girl and drink LOTS of water. Why is this happening? After my terrible breastfeeding experience with my first child, I was hoping that when I decide to quit breastfeeding this time it would be totally and completely my decision. Humph. Also stressful is the fact that my son won't take a bottle from me anyway. Weird the things I worry about these days. Gone are girls nights and vacation plans, now it's my milkless boobs and constipated children. And I love it. That's the even weirder part.